Our Projects

Our Projects

Urban Design

We pride ourselves on producing design led architectural spaces that are distinctive whilst ensuring an ease of living.  We strive to deliver a refined finish with an attention to detail in both textures, colour and ensuring the quality of materials used.  We give particularly thought to the usability of the space we are able to create both in terms of the shape and size but also ensuring we use all available natural light and can end up capturing the essence of the property. 

Country Design

We recognise that what might work in town may not work in the countryside. It is often a sense of an evolved interior that feels modern but with a massive nod to the past. Many people love the feel of a home that has been around a few centuries but combined with the functionality and practicality of a brand new building. Like our urban spaces, design is key but also the use of materials to ensure the balance between the old and new is just right.

Why us?

Well-Established Trustworthy Development Co.
Conscientious & Environmentally Friendly Design Principals
Current Condition not important
No formal Structural Surveys
Timing to suit you but we can purchase in a matter of hours if required!
No Agent costs
Prearranged funding
Offers Usually Made Subject To Contract Only
Love to do Joint ventures with landowners